"Daniel Hardingham of George Laurel & Partners was a voice of calm during a recent problem with my house. He was very helpful, efficient and went to a great deal of trouble to help me resolve the situation. I am very grateful for the property advice given"
Mrs J Cooper, Girton, Cambridgeshire.
"From our initial telephone call George Laurel & Partners were very prompt in carrying our house survey. The report was very thorough and excellently presented - Thank you"
Mr J Alexander, Burwell, Cambridgeshire
"George Laurel & Partners provided a professional service right from the start for our building survey. Their report was extremely detailed but still simple to understand. We definitely would recommend and use them again"
Mr & Mrs G Wilson, Impington, Cambridgeshire
"A friendly, fast and efficient service; the attention to detail was second to none and the building survey was easy to read and understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend George Laurel & Partners to other people and would readily use them again"
Mr E Mbunya, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
"Time was of the essence in meeting a very tight exchange time scale and George Laurel & Partners came to our rescue. They provided a super quick, efficient and professional service – saved the day, thanks"
Mr & Mrs Loro-Milan, Little Downham, Cambridgeshire
"It was never to much trouble for Dan (Hardingham – George Laurel & Partners) to answer our questions – however silly. We found them to be very approachable, friendly with an excellent professional service on top. We would have no hesitation in recommending George Laurel & Partners"
Mrs J Robinson, Sutton, Cambridgeshire
"George Laurel & Partners were timely, friendly and efficient – what more can I say"
Dr A Warford, Newmarket, Suffolk
"George Laurel & Partners undertook a full building survey on a house we were intending to buy; and we were so glad they did. The amount things wrong with the house, that we were unaware of, was staggering. The estimated repair costs were in excess of £22,000.00. We didn’t buy that house. Thank you for saving us from a money pit"
Mr & Mrs J Jocan, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
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House/Home Surveys (Residential)


When buying a new home, you have several types of house survey to choose from depending on the age and nature of the chosen property. There are pros and cons for each option available to you and these are covered in our report Understanding Property Surveys. The key thing to remember is that cutting corners at this stage may be more costly in the end as the examples below demonstrate.

In the last 12 months alone we've helped people from first time buyers to families on their 4th & 5th moves literally save thousands of pounds - simply by carrying out an in depth house survey to identify exactly what was right and wrong with the home they planned to buy.
Home Surveys, Home Buyer Report
Example 1 - We found a timber framed house which had been incorrectly coated with cement based render - to put this common error right would have cost £22,000!!

Example 2 - We recently worked with a young couple who moved onto the property ladder the only way they could - through buying a dilapidated, run down property, which on the surface needed a lot of work. But below the surface it needed a whole lot more. Unfortunately they contacted us AFTER they'd bought the house, which is when we discovered both wet and dry rot - huge problems that could easily have been avoided.

A house survey ( more commonly known as a building survey or structural survey) undertaken by George Laurel & Partners will ensure that you are able to make an informed decision about your dream home provided its done before you exchange contracts.

So.... Get to know about any problems before you buy!

Lets be honest, buying a new home is one of the most stressful and important decisions most of us ever make. You want it to be right and you don't want to find a host of nasty and expensive surprises just waiting to turn around and bite you, having signed on the dotted line. All too often, these problems can quickly turn your ideal home into a ravenous money pit, hungrily devouring any savings you have and turning your dream home into a nightmare.

George Laurel & Partners offer you an easy and cost effective solution. Here’s what you do –

Building Survey, Home Buyer ReportsBy choosing George Laurel you get an honest impartial written assessment which tells you exactly what you are getting for your money, and gives you security that there will be no hidden nasty surprises or expenses lying in wait for you.

As soon as your offer is accepted call us on 08456 349173 for an honest impartial written assessment which tells you exactly what you are getting for your money, and gives you security that there will be no hidden nasty surprises or expenses lying in wait for you.

Our house/home surveys not only offer peace of mind, but could potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills, at a time when there is unlikely to be any spare cash.

And we’re not alone in recommending this course of action

Which? Magazine, the Council of Mortgage Lenders and any solicitor will advise you to get an independent house survey before you buy a property, and not just to rely on a standard mortgage valuation. Our aim is to make life easy for you and remove as much of the stress involved in moving home as possible.

Moving home is rated as No.2 on the life events scale, so we give you lots of useful and FREE things to help you have a better experience. Things like our free 'jargon buster' of common building terms, our 4 page property maintenance guide to keep your home in tip top condition for years to come, a FREE 3D picture of a typical house showing where all the named bits are, and a FREE chart showing the safe distance for trees to be planted near your home.

No other surveying firm offers these guarantees to you - but we figure that if they're not willing to put their money where their mouth is, why should you?


  1. Your house survey is checked and double checked by fully qualified surveyors and engineers with over 18 years experience, so that your report is right first time.
  2. When you ring us, you talk to a Director; so you get the answers you want right away.
  3. You'll get FREE advice - if you don't need us, we'll tell you. And we'll point you in the right direction for what you do need
  4. we'll explain any terms or practices you may not understand; no obligation.
  5. No surprises. When you get our quote, you know exactly how much it's going to cost. No hidden extras or costs down the track - A proper accurate evaluation first time.
  6. Home Survey
  7. Our house survey includes a 10 page glossary of unfamiliar building terms to help you understand our report better.
  8. Our house survey also includes a 4 page future Property Maintenance Checklist providing a simple-to-follow maintenance guide to help you keep your biggest investment in the best possible condition.
  9. We include a 3D picture of a typical of house illustrating the common elements of construction to help you identify the areas we have discussed.
  10. We include a chart illustrating the recommended safe distance for trees to be planted from your home.
  11. 100% guarantee. As we are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors it means your house survey is carried out by someone who is accountable to a professional code of ethics. In addition to this, if you are ever dissatisfied with our service, we will do whatever we have to make it right.
That's our guarantee - Call us now on 08456 349173.